[hobbit] Xymon hosts database.

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What I wrote was an asset management system with verification stages for
changes and additions, history of changes included storage of previous
versions etc.

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> I think I have posted this quite a while
> ago but it is still on my mind. 

Not only in my mind. I got to deliver it in next few months.

>We currently configure the hosts, pages
> etc using a windows database and windows front end that I wrote quite some
> time ago. I keep getting the urge to convert it to a linux database and
> a web frontend. However I would not do this if there is no interest in
> using it.

My interest about Xymon and relational DB is mainly from asset inventory
Xymon doing a decent jobs collecting system information(io/cpu/memory/disk).
But what about a system's
asset information ? where is rack position of this machine ? what is the
serial number, owner, function ? and is it a owned orleased machnine ? Asset
information like this are most likely kept in Excel files. Won't it be
nature to tight these information together ? Xymon should be able to do both
system and inventory monitoring.(ie, you got a red yellow alert if a
machine's lease is expiring in 1 month).

To achieve this goal, I plan to introduce a relational DB into my Xymon
server system.

Please see the details here, 

> The point is that you never touch the
> bb-hosts file and all configuration of hosts and layouts is done via a
> user interface.

> Is there any interest in this?


> Is there anyone willing to help?

Count me in. 
I am decent at perl programming and currently learning

> If so I was going to convert to mysql
> and either php or perl cgi. Any comments on this?

perl cgi script works but it is really not eye-catching. 
I like to stay with perl but php community is so strong. 
Catalyst is perl's MVC solution but it is weak on "View" part.
As long as your requirement doesn't need EXTJS then Catalyst a very good

> We have 400 odd hosts here and have
> pages split by priority, service, location, and support group all on the
> front page but all configured via the database.
> Currently the bb-hosts is built via
> a perl script that extracts the database and then generates a main
> file plus include files for each sub-page.

Can you post your perl script here ? or on 


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