Antwort: Re: [hobbit] DOWNTIME for Non-Network tests

thorsten.erdmann at thorsten.erdmann at
Mon Aug 24 16:06:54 CEST 2009

>> can I somehow tell Hobbit to ignore bad test results in certain times, 
>> like the DOWNTIME tag does for network tests?
>> e.g. I do some Oracle database tests and shutdown the databases on 
>> weekends for backup. I don't want this planned downtime to appear in 
>> the Non-Green-Systems View and in the Availability reports.
> Maybe I can "missuse" the badTEST tag somehow?> If this is really 
planned and regularly scheduled, then use the DOWNTIME 
> tag.  If it can be variable, you can schedule downtime in advance with 
> the enable/disable menu item.

It is really planned. But as I see it, the DOWNTIME tag is only valid for 
the network test. But the network is up during this period. So the system 
itself is green, but the oracle test is red and is so propagated to the 
summary pages above.

But I cannot really test it, because I cannot shutdown my databases at the 
current time. But we will see what happens tomorrow.


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