[hobbit] BBWin - Monitoring size of Exchange database files

Thomas Leavitt thomleavitt at gmail.com
Sat Aug 22 02:26:01 CEST 2009

We have one Exchange Server (5.5). We don't need to monitor multiple
systems. I need something simple that will monitor the size of two
files (ideally, the combined size, but we can live with checking to
see that the big one hasn't exceeded 15 GB and the small .5 GB).

0. I'm not a Virtual Basic programmer... although I do understand
programming well enough to parse the logic in general.
1. Primarily, I don't understand how to adapt this so that it reports
to Xymon rather than Big Brother... I don't really understand how to
program external scripts to talk to Xymon in general.

I'm sure I could remedy these issues with enough investment of time,
but I'm hoping that I don't have to re-invent the wheel here - surely
someone else has done this? I'm implementing Xymon as a consultant for
a public agency that slashed their budget for my services by 60% from
last year, so I don't really think it's worth it for them to have me
spend even a couple hours of my time and their budget to do something
relatively simple.

OTOH, looking at it again, I could generalize this and lift the
reporting code out of some other VBS external script and deal with it
that way in a a fairly short amount of time. If I don't have a
response by next Friday, then that's probably what I'll do, then post
the result back here and up on the various sites. Bill the client for
an hour and if it takes me two or three because I know jack all about
this, I'll just chalk it up to a learning experience.


On Fri, Aug 21, 2009 at 2:45 PM, Storer, Raymond<storerr at nibco.com> wrote:
> Thomas,
> I looked at the script you mentioned below. It is somewhat targeted at a specific environment. What is it about the script you do not understand in order to modify it to work in your environment?
> Ray
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> Subject: [hobbit] BBWin - Monitoring size of Exchange database files
> We have an ancient installation of Exchange 5.5, which maxes out at a
> database size (combined between two files) of 16GB. Apparently, the
> native bbwin 0.12 client can't monitor these files, because they're
> always open.
> There's a BB script here, in VBS, which monitors Exchange files...
> http://www.deadcat.net/viewfile.php?fileid=629
> Not sure how to adapt this. Has anyone written anything similar, or
> done anything similar, that they could send me or point me to, that
> would let me monitor this stuff in Xymon?
> Thomas
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