BBWin - File Stays in TMP Dir and Xymon Test Goes Purple

Storer, Raymond storerr at
Wed Aug 19 19:43:29 CEST 2009

It seems uncommenting the "Externals" section did the trick. I am not certain why it stopped working all the sudden and this fixed it. Oh well.

It works again.


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Subject: [hobbit] BBWin - File Stays in TMP Dir and Xymon Test Goes Purple

I have a scheduled task running a vbscript to write a text file to the "c:\program files\bbwin\tmp". The text file is 6KB. The file is not open. BBWin (ver. 0.12) does not transfer the file out of the tmp directory and the test goes purple in Xymon (ver. 4.2.3).

The first line of the text file is: green+25h 8/19/2009 8:59:13 am machine_name

It is followed by some HTML code on a different line.

I have the same script running on several other Windows servers (2003 R2 32bit) without issue.

Any ideas why the file stays in the tmp directory and how to fix it?



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