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Greg Hubbard glh.forums at gmail.com
Fri Aug 14 16:20:16 CEST 2009

The devmon system is separate from Xymon -- they work as partners.  Devmon
can read the Xymon bb-hosts file to find directives, and it uses this
information to configure itself for polling.  Devmon discovers SNMP devices
and monitors them according to its own set of templates.  Devmon reports
status to Xymon.  The most recent versions of Xymon and Devmon supposedly
allow data from Devmon to be graphed in Xymon displays so the two systems
appear to be very integrated -- but I have not tried this myself.

Devmon does the monitoring, and it uses its own device templates to control
what gets monitored for each device type.  The standard template library
includes a number of device types, but not all devices are equal, and it
takes a while to get the hang of the devmon template approach so you can
make your own templates.

The main devmon developer often participates on this list, but there are
some devmon lists.


On 8/14/09, mv652 at softhome.net <mv652 at softhome.net> wrote:
> Hi,
> Could I get a quick-and-dirty explanation regarding the Devmon
> implementation in Xymon 4.3.x?
> The way I understand it, Devmon provides SNMP capabilities to Xymon so the
> monitoring server can poll SNMP capable devices.
> How is this different to Integrating MRTF data into XYMON, for example?
> If I am interesting in getting bandwidth for various device interfaces, I
> am assuming it is best to do via Devmon rather than integrate MRTG?
> Lastly, is there a readme / howto that explains devmon-xymon setup?
> Thanks,
> Mario
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