Re: [hobbit] Can´t receive client data

Brian Catlin bcatlin at
Fri Aug 14 02:39:39 CEST 2009

You missed the one obvious one - on the clients - you need to go into the
config files and make sure to configure in the server you want them to talk
to.  You can actually set them to send to both servers until you are ready
and sure the new server is stable.

I am dong this right now with about 30 clients.  Converting from a Solaris 9
implementation with 4.0 to a pair of RHEL5.2 64 bit servers with 4.2.3/  

Next on my project list - get the bleeding ldap working for Xymon/  (Already
have the wiki entry on it - no joy so far)

lurch at
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From: Buchan Milne
Date: 8/13/2009 12:03:26 PM
To: hobbit at
Cc: Thorben Advena
Subject: Re: [hobbit] Can´t receive client data
On Wednesday, 12 August 2009 12:56:47 Thorben Advena wrote:
> Hi,
> i installed a new server with sles11 and Xymon 4.2.3. I must move our
> old server with the Hobbit Monitor 4.2.0 to the new machine.I reuse the
> most of the configuration files from the Hobbit Monitor 4.2.0 to
> configure Xymon.
> My biggest problem ist, that xymon can´t recieve any data from my hobbit
> clients on the other machines. So i can only see the conn-, info- and
> trends Information.
The network tests etc. are run on the server side. I assume you have clients
already installed, reporting to the old server.
> The other way around i recieve all data from my
> server (Xymon Server) over the xymon client. So i can check cpu-, disk
> status and so on. Must i install on all my machines a xymon client to
> recieve data ?
No, however you probably have the existing clients configured to send their
data to the old server. You can either:
1)Hope that everything works, and switch the IPs / hostname of your hobbit
server, tben it will receive the data
2)Enable the bbproxy task on the existing hobbit server, to proxy the data
clients send to the new server as well. When you are ready to switch, you
sync all the data across, and then just switch the IPs. You will need to
change things on the existing server so hobbitd listens on a different port
(e.g. 1985), and bbproxy listens on the normal port (1984), forwarding to
local hobbitd on port 1985, and the new hobbitd on port 1984 at the new IP.
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