[hobbit] hobbit client on esx server?

mario andre rower.master at gmail.com
Thu Aug 13 22:52:36 CEST 2009

Hello all,

Has someone use the VI Perl Toolkit from vmware  VI Perl Toolkit Programming
monitor the esxi ? ESX i ( the free version) don't have a console so
can't run the xymon client. I'm trying to convert a nagios esx  script
 . But if someone have already done it  or have a better idea could
save me
some time and of other friends too.

Thanks in advance,


On Wed, Jan 16, 2008 at 1:23 PM, Jon Dustin <jdustin at usm.maine.edu> wrote:

> >>> On 1/15/2008 at 4:30 PM, Henrik Stoerner <henrik at hswn.dk> wrote:
> > On Tue, Jan 15, 2008 at 02:02:02PM -0500, Jason Chambers wrote:
> >> Is it possible to do? It looks like a linux fork to me.
> >
> > Possible, but as I understand from our ESX guys you cannot install any
> > kind of 3rd-party software on the ESX host without voiding your support
> > agreement.
> >
> > In fact, ESX servers is one of the targets for my SNMP-based monitoring
> > tool right now.
> >
> This is an interesting "warning"...  If I am ever on the phone to VMWare
> Support, I will make sure to "forget" the Hobbit client is running!
> I am currently running the Hobbit client on 7 ESX 3.01 boxes, without any
> problems. I compiled the client on another server, then merely unzipped it
> on ESX, and adjusted the startup script. I also made a custom test that runs
> esxtop and parses the output to determine the "real" CPU load.
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