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Thu Aug 13 15:22:27 CEST 2009


I want to get all my non green systems as a simple parsable text or html 
file. Like the "Current non-green Systems" view, but without the history 
and without all that Hobbit Website stuff around. Best would be a text 
file, but a simple html-table would be also ok.

I tried using "http://hobbit/hobbit-cgi/" or calling "bb "hobbitdboard color=red".
But both give also the red hosts/tests which have the NOPROPRED tag set. 
Thats not what I want. I want exactliy what the "Current non-green 
Systems" shows, with all that NOPROPx tags filtered.
Any idea how to do that?

Thank you for advice.

Thorsten Erdmann

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