Antwort: Re: [hobbit] Mysterious Sawtooth Graphs

thorsten.erdmann at thorsten.erdmann at
Thu Aug 13 09:28:30 CEST 2009

> I've seen them too.  Even on HTTP test graphs.  And also not entirely
> sure why.
> As far as the ping bounces around 20-40ms are concerned, this is a
> problem with hobbitping, and its polling algorithm.  If you want the
> timing correct, I highly suggest you switch to fping.  Install fping and
> change the FPING setting in hobbitserver.cfg:
> FPING="/usr/sbin/fping"
I will try that out. I remember I had problems using fping and switched to 
hobbitping therefore.

> Note you must make sure the xymon or hobbit user has rights to run
> fping, either by a sudo arrangement or by setting up a setuid capability
> such as:
> chmod g+x /usr/sbin/fping
> chgrp xymon /usr/sbin/fping
> chmod u+s /usr/sbin/fping
Maybe that was my fping problem. :-)

> Not sure about your statement regarding connect tests running 35
> seconds. You mean the ping or tcp test times listed in the bbtest info
> page?
I mean the Ping test times in the bbtest page:

Event                                            Starttime Duration
bbtest-net startup                       1250148155.074249 -
Service definitions loaded               1250148155.075870 0.001621 
Tests loaded                             1250148155.103019 0.027149 
DNS lookups completed                    1250148155.105950 0.002931 
Test engine setup completed              1250148155.109315 0.003365 
TCP tests completed                      1250148155.110463 0.001148 
PING test completed (651 hosts)          1250148187.146047 32.035584 <--- 
This one
PING test results sent                   1250148187.283501 0.137454 
Test result collection completed         1250148187.283511 0.000010 
LDAP test engine setup completed         1250148187.283513 0.000002 
LDAP tests executed                      1250148187.283522 0.000009 
LDAP tests result collection completed   1250148187.283523 0.000001 
NSLOOKUP tests executed                  1250148187.287590 0.004067 
Test results transmitted                 1250148187.360348 0.072758 
bbtest-net completed                     1250148187.362335 0.001987 
TIME TOTAL 32.288086 


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