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thorsten.erdmann at thorsten.erdmann at
Wed Aug 12 13:23:32 CEST 2009

Same for the nopropred tags. I would like to grep a page like the 
allNonGreen page, but also get red machines with the nopropred tag set.

> Hi all,
> I have some servers that have the nobb2 tag. The don't show up on 
> bb2.html as expected.
> Now I have a script that gets the status of the tests via bb 127.0.
> 0.1 "hobbitdboard color=red,yellow,purple" and creates a webpage out
> of it. On this page the servers with the nobb2 tag appear.
> Is there a flag or parameter for hobbitdboard where you can say if 
> the tag is found ignore the server also?
> If not would it be a good idea to add such a parameter to the next 
> Regards
> Torsten Richter
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