Monitoring Netware -

Ricardo Stella stella at
Wed Aug 5 23:35:40 CEST 2009


I downloaded the Netware Client at based on a msg from
January.  I'd rather avoid having to load the MRTG NLM as there are
reports of the NLM failing.  We are running netware 6 SP3.

So far so good, and the script is collecting data (this is running on
the hobbit server) but the data is not being processed.   The scripts
run and a is created.

The contents look like:

client my,host,name.netware_snmp netware_snmp


But I'm getting on clientdata.log the following:

2009-08-05 17:28:31 No client backend for OS 'netware_snmp' sent by

Also, in hobbitlaunch, I had to add env and needs hobbitd or else I
would get the following:
2009-08-05 17:33:27 Could not connect to bbd at xx.xx.xx.xx:1984 -
Connection refused
2009-08-05 17:33:27 Whoops ! bb failed to send message - Connection failed
2009-08-05 17:33:27 Cannot fetch Hobbit status, ignoring --no-down

My hobbitlaunch section looks like:

        ENVFILE /usr/local/hobbit/server/etc/hobbitserver.cfg
        NEEDS hobbitd
        LOGFILE $BBSERVERLOGS/netwareclient.log
        CMD $BBHOME/ext/
        INTERVAL 5m

Any clues?


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