[hobbit] bb-mysqlstatus.tar.gz

Henrik Stoerner henrik at hswn.dk
Mon Jun 27 23:29:41 CEST 2005

On Mon, Jun 27, 2005 at 06:23:19PM +0200, Henrik Stoerner wrote:
> Then run the bb-mysqlstatus.sh script as a clientside extension on
> your Mysql server. This should trigger Hobbit to generate a
> ~hobbit/data/rrd/HOSTNAME/mysql.rrd file with the data from the
> mysql-status script tracked. Then we just need a hobbitgraph.cgi
> definition to generate the graph - will send you that later (gotta
> run now - have a meeting in 5 minutes).

These should do it, I think - they won't show up automatically
on the "mysql" status column unless you add 
"GRAPHS:*,mysql:mysqlslow,mysqlthread" to that entry in bb-hosts:

	TITLE MySQL Slow Queries
	LINE2:slow#00CCCC:Slow Queries
	GPRINT:slow:LAST: \: %5.1lf (cur)
	GPRINT:slow:MAX: \: %5.1lf (max)
	GPRINT:slow:MIN: \: %5.1lf (min)
	GPRINT:slow:AVERAGE: \: %5.1lf (avg)\n

	TITLE MySQL Active Threads
	GPRINT:threads:LAST: \: %5.1lf (cur)
	GPRINT:threads:MAX: \: %5.1lf (max)
	GPRINT:threads:MIN: \: %5.1lf (min)
	GPRINT:threads:AVERAGE: \: %5.1lf (avg)\n

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