hobbitd status-board not available

Thomas tlp-hobbit at holme-pedersen.dk
Wed Jun 22 09:41:44 CEST 2005

Running Hobbit 4.0.4 on RHEL linux in a kinda special way. I have 2 
BBNET servers, one server is also the BBDISPLAY server.

On the BBNET server without display I am running hobbit basicly only 
bbnet process. On this host I am also running bbproxy for my production 
BBDISPLAY and my test BBDISPLAY (third seperate server).

Now the problem started when I decided to "upgrade" the hobbit BBNET 
only server to also be a BBDISPLAY server. I did this by starting hobbit 
on port 1986 (--listen= along with the 
bbdisplay/histry/lard etc processes and then add a third bbdisplay 
server to my bbproxy configuration (--bbdisplay=

Hobbitd.log and hobbitlaunch.log are fine - no errors - but on my 
"primary" BBDISPLAY I now have the above line as status. I tried to add 
--debug to the hobbitd and bbdisplay configurations in hobbitlaunch.cfg 
but this crashed.

Tried to disable the HEARTBEAT in hobbitlaunch but this did not solve 
the problem.

If I stop hobbit the state is written to the tmp/hobbit.chk file and 
started again has the saved state.

If this was not enough the "new" BBDISPLAY is making the headlines but 
no hosts. :-(

Any help is appresiated.

BR Thomas

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