[hobbit] Redundant Hobbit Servers

Arnoud Post arnoud at koekiemonster.com
Tue Jun 21 19:33:24 CEST 2005


I have not yet put 2 or more Hobbit servers in a redundant configuration. Although I have build a 
simular setting with 2 BB servers. Here are a few hints:

For (configuration) file syncing don't count on Hobbit, use other tools like rsync or even better 
cvs with pserver. Another option here is using clustering tools, have a look at 
http://tentakel.biskalar.de/similar for a list of handy distribution scripts or try tentakel self.
This is a nice way to push bb-hosts files to your clients too.

I'm sure you have allready made both servers a BBdisplay and BBnet in your bb-hosts file, and 
configured all your clients this way also so they report to both servers.
Make both of them BBpager too, just one with a filled hobbit-alert.cfg (master) and one with an 
empty hobbit-alert.cfg (slave). In the master hobbit-alert.cfg make a rule which runs a script when 
bbd is red or purple on your slave hobbitserver. This script has to login through ssh and copy the 
master hobbit-alert.cfg over your slave hobbit-alert.cfg.
Now your second hobbitserver is master (next to your first hobbitserver).

Good luck!
Arnoud Post

Lowery, Michael wrote:
> I'm interested in knowing what everyone is doing for redundancy.  I
> currently have 2 hobbit servers and each one performs the same tests as
> the other. 
> I find this to be a bit wasteful and am looking for the active/passive
> type of configuration that has been talked about on this list before.
> This configuration works fine, except for alerting.  In order to not be
> overwhelmed by messages, I only have one hobbit server performing the
> alerting task, the other only sends alerts on the other hobbit host.
> I have considered using the "depends=" test, but then I have to maintain
> two separate bb-hosts files, rather than copying and pasting from one to
> the other.
> Is there a better way than what I'm doing?  My goal is to have both
> servers configured the same, as much as possible, and have only one of
> them at a time send me alerts.  
> I'd love to know what you guys are doing to get around these limits.  I
> could easily have missed something in the newest update that solves this
> problem, but I haven't seen it yet.
> Thanks for your thoughts on this subject.
> Michael
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