[hobbit] custom RRD data

Henrik Storner henrik at hswn.dk
Mon Jun 6 11:20:47 CEST 2005

In <JLEJLJGJHPOLLNKDFKHOAEGNCAAA.fabio.flores at flytxt.com> "Fabio Flores" <fabio.flores at flytxt.com> writes:

>Im trying to build my own RRD graphs. I've done my shell-script already, and
>also I'm aware that I've got to modify hobbitgraph.cfg and hobbitserver.cfg.

>But im not sure where should I put the --extra-script and --extra-tests
>options. Should I add another line to hobbitcgi.cfg ? If so, what would be
>the correct syntax?

On the commandline for the hobbitd_larrd tool (ie. in hobbitlaunch.cfg)


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