[hobbit] Valid alerts decleration?

Tom Georgoulias tgeorgoulias at nandomedia.com
Mon Jan 31 22:59:21 CET 2005

Henrik Storner wrote:

> Feel free to educate me on the finer details of Perl and the way it
> does regular expressions - I'm not in any way an expert on that
> subject. (I never could get my head twisted enough to figure out what
> all the different parenthesis and special chars do in Perl - so
> there's another reason why I've tried to make LARRD obsolete).

Trust me, you don't want me teaching anyone perl.  I struggle enough on 
my own.  That regex I had in my last email was just to match 3 digits in 
a row (like a [0-9]).  I guess what was confusing to me is the use of 
".*" instead of just "*".  I think this is an artifact of BB b/c I can 
remember having some problems many moons ago when I was trying to 
getting wildcarding to work properly, but correct me if I'm wrong.

> Yes, I think you can do without those parentheses. I actually have a
> small test tool to try and match names against expressions, and if I
> try your expression it works whether I have "(.*)" or just ".*". So
>   $HG1=%(pinky|sys.*p).nandomedia.com
> should be fine.

You're right, it does.  I could swear I tried using something like this 
before, but even though it was showing up when I ran bbcmd 
--env=/home/hobbit/server/etc/hobbitserver.cfg hobbitd_alert 
--dump-config it didn't actually page me.  The only time it really 
started working was after I shut hobbit down completely, then brought it 
back up.  I'm not ruling out a mistake on my part, though.  I've been 
making plenty of them the last week or so.

Release candidate still coming out sometime soon?  I'm looking forward 
to it.


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