[hobbit] alerting macros

Bruce Lysik blysik at shutterfly.com
Mon Jan 31 22:06:00 CET 2005

> >I'd like to be able to define a macro which replaces several
> > recipient lines.  So for example, if many host groups always have a
> > set of four SCRIPT recipients, it would be nice to be able to just
> > define $STANDARDSCRIPTS at the top, and use that macro later.
> Why not simply have one script that calls the other four ?

Well, it's probably easier if I show you:

#       SCRIPT /opt/bb/server/ext/email onduty SERVICE=procs RECOVERED
#       SCRIPT /opt/bb/server/ext/email ops    SERVICE=procs RECOVERED
#       SCRIPT /opt/bb/server/ext/email onduty SERVICE=http,ping DURATION>6 RECOVERED
#       SCRIPT /opt/bb/server/ext/email ops    SERVICE=http,ping DURATION>6 RECOVERED
#       SCRIPT /opt/bb/server/ext/email ops    EXSERVICE=procs,http,ping RECOVERED

This set of recipient lines shows up often in my hobbit-alerts.cfg.  I could trim it a bit if I modified the 'email' script to accept multiple addresses (5 lines to 3).

A related question: If I don't define COLOR anywhere in the rule, it should by default alert on 'red', correct?

Bruce Z. Lysik  <blysik at shutterfly.com>
Operations Engineer

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