[hobbit] Valid alerts decleration?

Tom Georgoulias tgeorgoulias at nandomedia.com
Mon Jan 31 20:17:47 CET 2005

Henrik Storner wrote:

Hmm - yes, there should. This should fix it:

diff -u -r1.28 hobbitd/do_alert.c
--- hobbitd/do_alert.c  2005/01/20 10:45:44     1.28
+++ hobbitd/do_alert.c  2005/01/27 22:20:46
@@ -355,7 +355,7 @@

                         delim = strchr(l, '=');
                         *delim = '\0';
-                       newtok->name = strdup(l);
+                       newtok->name = strdup(l+1);     /* Skip the '$' */
                         newtok->value = strdup(delim+1);
                         newtok->next = tokhead;
                         tokhead = newtok;

> I'm tired ... "$HG-TEST=%(host01|host02)" since a "%" is needed to
> flag it as a pc-regex.

OK, I'm trying to get my alerts file setup using the macros and I'd like 
to try and summarize all the findings from list postings into a single 
procedure.  Let me know if this is correct, or at least help steer me in 
the right direction.  So far:

1. I've used the non-tested, experimental shell script to convert my 
bbwarnsetup.cfg host groups into hobbit macros.  An example of one host 
group converted is as follows:


2. I applied the patch above to do_alert.c

Now I want to put that macro I got from the shell script into action. 
It should look something like this, right?


or better


But that "(.*)" looks funny to me.  All it should represent in that case 
is a number like 507, 405, etc., or something that perl could handle 
with a /\d{3}/.  The end result needs to be a hostname like 
"sys452p.nandomedia.com".  What would be the correct syntax, or is that 
indeed the correct syntax?


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