apache1,2,3 graphs

Christopher T. Beers ctbeers at syr.edu
Fri Jan 28 16:42:48 CET 2005

I have a very weird problem.  Basically all of my apache graphs look 
exactly the same, but the data that comes out of ...status?auto is very 
much different.  I have 5 hosts with apache graphs on.

4 of the hosts are defined like so   servername.syr.edu # http://virthostname.syr.edu 

1 host (my hobbit host) is defined very similarly but it has the IP address 
in it.  Seems way to coincidental that all these graphs look very much the 
same.  My hobbit host is not very highly used but one of the machines I am 
monitoring receives millions of hits a day.

Anyone else see this?

Christopher T. Beers
Lead UNIX Architect - System Infrastructure Services (SIS)
Syracuse University | 250 Machinery Hall | Syracuse, NY 13244
(315) 443-4103 Office | (315) 443-1621 Fax | p-ctbeers at syr.edu Pager

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