Charles Jones jonescr at cisco.com
Fri Jan 28 12:47:27 CET 2005

I'm assuming this wont work with Hobbit, since Hobbit stores the rrd 
files differently.  Do you think temperature-larrd.pl could be modified 
to run on the Hobbit server and work? Or should I instead attempt to 
hack the client temperature.sh to send the temp as a data message and 
then create a do_temp.c module?

Speaking of this, it sure would be nice to have some sort of plugin 
system, or something for easily creating custom graphs. I can think of 
many uses for simple one-element graphs (temperature, emails sent per 
day, etc). I've been up all night because of temperature issues in my 
server room, so forgive me if I'm not making much sense :-)


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