[hobbit] easy way to set larrd tags for a group of systems in bb-hosts?

Henrik Stoerner henrik at hswn.dk
Thu Jan 27 22:31:32 CET 2005

On Thu, Jan 27, 2005 at 04:13:43PM -0500, Tom Georgoulias wrote:
> I've been populating my bb-hosts files and adding tags to use many of 
> the tests offered by hobbit that weren't in my BB setup.  In doing so, I 
> couldn't help but notice that for some sets of systems, they all use the 
> same tags.
> Is there an easy way that I can define a macro or meta tag that would 
> capture this data, so I could do something like this (fabricated syntax 
> to follow) where I group into a single variable and just reference that?
> web_monitors  = ( "LARRD:*,vmstat:vmstat1|vmstat4" http://www.foo.com/ )
> web1.foo.com # $web_monitors

Short answer: No. Some tools like BBConfig provide wrappers around the
bb-hosts file to create such a "meta-configuration" and have the tool
generate a bb-hosts file from it - that is one way to get around this.

Technically, it isn't much of a problem - especially not now that the
handling of the bb-hosts file has been moved into a single library
routine. (Until recently, several of the bbgen and hobbit tools had
their own, specialized code to read and parse the file).

The only problem with is is that it will only work for tools and
extensions that are "hobbit-aware", so you might run into some
problems with extension-scripts that grep in the bb-hosts file

I've added it to my "TODO" list.


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