[hobbit] Valid alerts decleration?

Henrik Stoerner henrik at hswn.dk
Thu Jan 27 22:01:13 CET 2005

On Thu, Jan 27, 2005 at 10:54:44AM -0800, Bruce Lysik wrote:

>  I just wanted to verify that this alerts snippet is valid (and does
>  what I think it should do).  It appears so from the documentation,
>  but I wanted to run it by the group:

>         SCRIPT=/blah/blah/paging onduty SERVICE=procs
>         SCRIPT=/blah/blah/paging ops    SERVICE=procs
>         SCRIPT=/blah/blah/paging onduty SERVICE=http,ping DURATION=6
>         SCRIPT=/blah/blah/paging ops    SERVICE=http,ping DURATION=6
>         SCRIPT=/blah/blah/paging ops    SERVICE=* EXSERVICE=procs,http,ping

There are a couple of mistakes here, and it's really good that you
post them because it points at some silly items that perhaps I should

* The "SCRIPT" keyword doesnt take a "=" sign. Use
    SCRIPT /blah/blah/paging onduty SERVICE=procs
  This one I should probably allow, because it is an easy mistake
  to make (I've done it myself).

* "DURATION=6" won't work. The duration should be greater than some
  value, or less than some value. I suppose you really meant

* "SERVICE=*" will work, but is superfluous.

If in doubt, you can make hobbitd_alert print out how it interpreted
the config file:

   cd ~hobbit/server
   ./bin/bbcmd --env=etc/hobbitserver.cfg hobbitd_alert --dump-config


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