[hobbit] beta6 - errors on AIX 4.3.3

Henrik Storner henrik at hswn.dk
Mon Jan 24 13:50:48 CET 2005

In <8511ED0A5A0ED61191A70002A58CA00705AC68B8 at trn2622.natpower.co.uk> "Morris, Chris (Shared Services)" <CHRIS.MORRIS at RWEnpower.com> writes:

>Moved forward to beta6 on AIX 4.3.3 to see if shared memory problems were
>fixed, but now get following in hobbitlauch.log :-

>2005-01-24 12:11:23 Could not generate shmem key based on
>/usr/local/hobbit/server/etc/bb-hosts: No such file or directory
>2005-01-24 12:11:23 Cannot setup status channel
>2005-01-24 12:11:23 Task hobbitd terminated, status 1

OK, this actually corresponds nicely with the previous report where
you had some strange shmem-regions with 0xffffffff as the key. Only
difference is that now this error is caught and Hobbit refuses to run.

Where is you bb-hosts file located ?

"/usr/local/hobbit/server/etc/bb-hosts: No such file or directory"

indicates that it isn't where hobbitd expects it to be, based on
the BBHOSTS setting in hobbitserver.cfg.

If your bb-hosts file really does exist with that filename, could
you send me the AIX man-page for the "ftok" function (just dump the
output of "man ftok" to a file and send it directly to me) ?


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