Hobbit 4.0 beta-6 available

Henrik Stoerner henrik at hswn.dk
Sun Jan 23 18:28:12 CET 2005

A new beta-version was released to Sourcefore a few minutes ago.
If your Sourceforge mirror doesn't have it, you can fetch it from

I hope this can be the basis for a full release in about a week.

This release includes a number of bugfixes based on the reports
I've received about how beta-5 has behaved.

Most importantly, I hope that the lockup-problem that caused hosts to
disappear until hobbit was restarted is solved. I'm not 100% sure, but
I hope that bug has been squashed now. If you see messages like
"BOARDBUSY locked" in the hobbitd log-file, I would like to know!

Alert handling has been re-thought, and should now be a lot more
stable and behave as one would expect.

The "apache" test should no longer crash, and you can provide your
own URL for requesting the server-status data from Apache, like

Disabled hosts and tests now include the "disable" information in
the status display.
hobbitlaunch now keeps an even closer eye on hobbitd that before.
If you upgrade with the "make setup" command, please add the 
keyword "HEARTBEAT" to the hobbitlaunch.cfg file in the [hobbitd]
        ENVFILE ....
        CMD hobbitd .....

Some build problems have been solved, on NetBSD and Solaris. I now
have Hobbit running on Linux (Mandrake + Debian), Solaris, NetBSD and


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