[hobbit] A combo message of questions

Henrik Stoerner henrik at hswn.dk
Sun Jan 23 15:17:45 CET 2005

On Sun, Jan 23, 2005 at 06:42:30AM -0700, Charles Jones wrote:
> Henrik Storner wrote:
> >Two "<br>" tags might be a bit much. I've dropped one of them in the
> >next version, let me know if you think that's better.
> >
> Great, I look forward to trying it out....any rough ETA on the next
> version?

A few hours from now :-)

["apache" test crashing]

> Yes it was bbtest-net that was crashing. I tried your method above and 
> it seems to be working,

I've found out what the problem was, so it should be gone now.

> Can you tell me how to enable the other apache graphs (apache1, 
> apache2, apache3) to show on that page as well?

There's a general way of doing that with graphs that have multiple
views. Add "LARRD:*,apache:apache|apache1|apache2|apache3" to the
entry in bb-hosts.

[checking multiple ports for the same service]

> What will happen if I do irc:6667 irc:6668?  I assume it will only 
> display the output of the last one, but will it still check them
> all?

The result will be unreliable. It will probably check all of them, 
but when reporting the results it will report two results for the same
status. So if the first test is "red" and the second is "green",
you'll get a downtime lasting a fraction of a second. It might trigger
an alert, it might not.


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