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> On Tue, 2005-01-18 at 09:20 +0100, Henrik Stoerner wrote:
> > I've had some requests for generating reports in CSV (comma-separated
> > values) format. That is one option; a more flexible solution would be
> > to export the report data in an XML format - since everybody seems to
> > be adopting XML as a universal data exchange format, I think that
> > would make the most sense.
> Suggestion: make it modular! There are hundreds, possibly thousands, of
> formats out there. Do The Right Thing (tm) and simply make an API so
> others can tack on a report writer that outputs their favorite format.
> That way, you're not pulling your hair out trying to keep up with format
> changes, requests for new formats and such. Provide a basic report
> writer to get people started (to pull data out as an an example of
> writing a report writer). A text-delimited writer would be ideal, then
> people can output a comma/tab/pipe/slash/carrot/whatever delimited ASCII
> file to get started.
> Others can then add more, like an OpenOffice.org writer, GNUPlot,
> Postscript, PDF, HP OpenView, GNUCash (why not) or whatever their hearts
> desire
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CSV format would provide data that anyone could use. Easily imported into
any program.
I am using Hobbit for realtime monitoring, but would like to be able to
extract the SLA data for use by management for uptime reports.
Details (history) would not be needed, just the uptime percentage for each
device and test for the period selected.
The it would be easy to report the tests that were important for each device
(conn for routers, svcs for Citrix,etc.)

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