[hobbit] building hobbit as standalone server on existing BB server

Henrik Storner henrik at hswn.dk
Fri Jan 21 17:58:21 CET 2005

In <41F126C7.1050102 at nandomedia.com> Tom Georgoulias <tgeorgoulias at nandomedia.com> writes:

>I was considering setting up a standalone hobbit server for testing, but 
>building that hobbit server on the same system as my BB server to ease 
>the migration off of BB. 

>First off, is this a good idea?  I've been reading the install & 
>migration docs and it seems like this could work, but I want to be sure 
>my impressions are correct.  I ran through the configure step using 
>$BBHOME/hobbit as the hobbit install dir & bb as the userid and created 
>a makefile.  After the Makefile was created, I checked it out and the 
>thing that scared me enough to post this message was the use of port 
>1984 by hobbit.  That's going to conflict with my current BB server 
>daemon and its normal operation, right?

It will conflict with your current BB server, since they will be
fighting over port 1984. My suggestion for running BB and Hobbit
in parallel on the same server would be this:

1) Change BB to listen on another port, say 10001. If you're running
   BB 1.9e then this is set with the BBPORT option; if not, you need
   to modify $BBHOME/src/bb.h, "make", "make install" and restart BB.

2) Setup Hobbit to listen on a different port, e.g. 10002. You just
   install it normally, then add the option "--listen="
   to the "hobbitd" command in etc/hobbitlaunch.cfg

3) Run "bbproxy" (comes with Hobbit and bbgen). bbproxy listens on
   port 1984, and forwards all incoming requests to one or more
   BB/Hobbit servers. So you have bbproxy picking up the incoming
   requests, and then it forwards these requests to multiple
   servers. E.g. with the port numbers above, you would run "bbproxy
   --bbdisplay=, --bbpager="

You dont need to include the Hobbit portnumber in the "--bbpager"
option, since Hobbit handles alerts differently, acting solely on
the status message it receives - it doesn't need an explicit message
saying "you need to send this out as an alert".

The only remaining problem is if you want to run network tests from
the same server, because then BB and Hobbit will each be running their
network test tool. So all network tests will be reported twice. For
that, I think the easiest way around it is to stop one of them from 
running - e.g. to stop the BB network tests, remove "BBNET" from the
bb-hosts entry and restart BB; for Hobbit you would just comment out
the "[bbnet]" section in hobbitlaunch.cfg. Then try running each of
them for a day or two to verify that the Hobbit one works OK (it
should, since it's been part of bbgen for over a year now).


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