[hobbit] beta5 - larrd problems

Henrik Storner henrik at hswn.dk
Fri Jan 21 14:27:36 CET 2005

In <8511ED0A5A0ED61191A70002A58CA00705AC68B6 at trn2622.natpower.co.uk> "Morris, Chris (Shared Services)" <CHRIS.MORRIS at RWEnpower.com> writes:

>>Strange, especially the "Permission denied". Have you tried shutting
>>down Hobbit completely (make sure that none of the "hobbitd" or
>>"hobbitd_channel" processes are running) and restarting it ?

>Yes, I have even rebooted the machine to ensure a "clean environment".

Ok, that's a fairly definitive cleanup :-)

>>After starting Hobbit, what does the output from the "ipcs" command
>>look like (you need to be logged in as the Hobbit user for this) ?

>Hobbit running ipcs :-

>IPC status from /dev/mem as of Fri 21 Jan 12:11:50 2005
>Shared Memory:
>m        14 0xffffffff --rw-------   hobbit   hobbit
>m        15 0x0103d082 --rw-------   hobbit   hobbit
>m        16 0x0203d082 --rw-------   hobbit   hobbit
>m        17 0x0303d082 --rw-------   hobbit   hobbit
>m        18 0x0403d082 --rw-------   hobbit   hobbit
>m        19 0x0503d082 --rw-------   hobbit   hobbit
>m        20 0xffffffff -----------   hobbit   hobbit
>m        21 0xffffffff -----------   hobbit   hobbit
>m        22 0xffffffff -----------   hobbit   hobbit
>m        23 0xffffffff -----------   hobbit   hobbit
>m        24 0xffffffff -----------   hobbit   hobbit
>m        25 0xffffffff -----------   hobbit   hobbit

Those memory regions with ID "0xffffffff" are weird.
Especially when they have no permissions bit set, I can
understand the "Permission denied" error.

OK, I'll have to double-check the shared-memory setup 
code. I might mail you directly to do some tests for me,
I hope that's ok ?


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