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RE: [hobbit] Xymon CentOS 5 installation

Hi Buchan

I am very new to Centos as I come from a Ubuntu/Opensuse background. Do
I add these repositories to Yum? I tried downloading them with firefox
and opening them with the software installer but it complains about
missing dependencies.

Any ideas?


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On Friday 17 July 2009 11:31:14 Neil Franken wrote:
> Hi Guys and Gals.
> I am busy moving my POC Xymon server to a full time dedicated server.
> have been using my Ubuntu Distro for development and testing and would
> like to install the server CentOS. I have a look at the installation
> instructions on the Wiki about CentOS spcifics but it seems bit
> outdated. For example it still creates a Hobbit user and so on. Can
> anyone here give me some pointers so I can avoid a lot of frustration.

Install the packages from a repo:


# yum install xymon
# service xymon start

Some files are in slightly different places than if you install
manually, in 
order to comply with packaging standards, so configs in /etc/xymon, data
/var/lib/xymon, xymon home directory is /usr/lib*/xymon, with symlinks
to keep 
it consistent.