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Re: [hobbit] HOBBIT 4.0.3 build issue on hp 11.0

Okay, things have been a tad busy for the last few weeks, but I
finally managed to find time to investigate this a little more.

Compiler version B.11.11.04, fully patched, fails.
Compiler version B.11.11.12, fully patched with patch PHSS_32509, ...
still fails/

If you really want to compile this with the HP compiler, try this
horrible sequence...

1. Attempt to compile normally. The compiler will fail on lib/environ.o
2. Delete lib/environ.o
3. Edit build/Makefile.HP-UX and delete the "-O" from the CFLAGS line.
4. Run make again. You may abort this run as soon as environ.c has compiled.
5. Make a secure copy of lib/environ.o
6. Run "make clean"
7. Put the copy of lib/environ.o back
8. Edit build/Makefile.HP-UX and add the "-O" back into the CFLAGS line
9. Run make.

Alternatively you could compile everything without optimisation.

Whether the resultant binaries will run I haven't had time to check.