[Xymon] HTTPS problems in 4.3.11

Andrey Chervonets A.Chervonets at cominder.eu
Wed Jun 12 07:19:54 CEST 2013

I had found  2 problems that are reproducable only on 4.3.11 XyMon server 
(CentOS release 6.4 (Final)),
on 4.3.4 (CentOS release 5.6 (Final)) works fine.

Problem 1) Some https resources reported with red (http) and white 
(content), while really it can be accessed
# hosts.cfg record  epak.pmlp.gov.lv # noconn https://epak.pmlp.gov.lv/ cont;

http test output:
# XyMon output:
https://epak.pmlp.gov.lv/NYX.Nyx002.WebSite/Default.aspx - Server timeout

Seconds:    11.72

 https://epak.pmlp.gov.lv/ - Server timeout

Seconds:    11.72

# content column output:
An error occurred while testing URL 

No output received from server
But is accessible for example with lynx (or wget)  on the same server.

And are green (both http and content) on other (4.3.4) XyMon server
Both monitoring servers running on CentOS

Problem 2) 
# hosts.cfg record (here in e-mail IP-last digits replaced with NN):

83.99.NN.NN p3-312.abcr-test # noconn https://83.99.NN.NN:443/

On XyMon 4.3.4 on resource have expired SSL certificate: and reported red 
for sslcert  and green for http 
SSL certificate for https://83.99.NN.NN:443/ expired 175 days ago
https://83.99.221.NN.NN:443/ - OK

On XyMon 4.3.11  the same resource reported as red for http, nothing for 
https://83.99.NN.NN:443/ - Connected, but got empty response (code:0)

Any ideas what can be wrong or how to diagnose?

Best regards,

Andrey Chervonets
SIA CoMinder

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