[Xymon] config report from command line?

Mills, David (IS) David.Mills at ngc.com
Fri Jun 7 20:38:18 CEST 2013

Martin --

I've written a Perl program to parse and maintain the files associated with hosts.cfg in our installation. As part of that program, I've written a couple of routines that parse out and report on host/page "matches" in alerts.cfg.

The parsing routine is not comprehensive of all allowable syntax for alerts.cfg (e.g. it's not up to digesting line continuations, interpreting macros, etc.), and it assumes the presence of certain comment lines embedded in the file, used in our environment to identify groupings of alerts associated with our teams. We use this mostly to see which hosts/pages belong to which teams. It does not dump out the actual mailing rules, though that would be a simple mod.

If you are interested in seeing some of that code, please contact me.

Sample output from one such run:

~/hobbit> ./hobcfgadm.pl --dump-alerts
Vers 2.44
Matches (name fragment): xwrl0(0[6-9]|1[01])

TEAM: Content Management
Matches (name fragment): (xwau02[23]|ccp)

Matches (name fragment): (awdu|xwdu)

Matches: Winters/urls_dev/prodfix_websvcs
Matches: Winters/urls_dev/sit1_websvcs
Matches: Winters/urls_dev/sit2_websvcs
Matches: Winters/urls_dev/uat1_websvcs
Matches: Winters/urls_dev/uat2_websvcs

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Although those modules look like they could be interesting the documentation is useless or non-existent.

I would be happy to share once I get something useful put together.

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> On Fri, 7 Jun 2013, john.r.rothlisberger at accenture.com wrote:
> > I am currently using Xymon 4.3.0 (Yeah, I know, I need to upgrade) on Ubuntu
> 12.04LTS.
> >
> > I am writing a perl script to parse my configuration and send it in a
> > spreadsheet format. I have been able to get through most everything but I want
> to include who gets alerted (or what scripts). But, I have not found an easy way to
> do this from the command line. Has anyone else tried this or have ideas?
> >
> > I have tried using wget to get configreport.sh and then html2text but
> > this is not easily parsed either. This cannot be done by just grepping through the
> alerts.cfg file as a host may be defined in multiple rules (HOST=*server*,
> HOST=testserver, PAGE=TEST, etc).
> >
> Hi !
> Maybe you find somthing useful on this side
> http://sourceforge.net/apps/mediawiki/xymon/index.php?title=Perl_Library_Discuss
> ion
> .. by the way, i'm interesting for your script :-)
> cheers,
> Martin

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