[Xymon] ifconfig request

Isaac W Traxler traxler at lsu.edu
Fri Jun 7 17:24:48 CEST 2013

When the clients collects data to send the server, one of the commands 
issues is ifconfig. Where can I go to edit this so that the ifconfig 
becomes "ifconfig 2>/dev/null"?

It turns out that systems with network interfaces that have mac addresses 
larger than 8 bytes cause ifconfig to print the following message to 
standard error:

   Ifconfig uses the ioctl access method to get the full address
   information, which limits hardware addresses to 8 bytes. Because
   Infiniband address has 20 bytes, only the first 8 bytes are displayed
   correctly. Ifconfig is obsolete! For replacement check ip.

So, if I can edit the command list so that standard error is sent to 
/dev/null, my xymonclientlog will not fill up.

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